Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 19 pp 23361—23375

piRNA-36741 regulates BMP2-mediated osteoblast differentiation via METTL3 controlled m6A modification


Figure 8. Overexpression of piR-36741 alleviated ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis in mice. Ovariectomy was used to construct a mouse model of osteoporosis. 10 mg/kg mimic-NC or mimic-piR-36741 in 50 μL volumes were respectively injected into mice 14 days after the ovariectomy through the tail vein once a week until the 8th week. (A) Representative images of HE staining of mouse distal femur tissue sections (100×). (BD) Bone mineral density, bone strength and elastic modulus were evaluated. (E, F) The expression of piR-36741 and the protein levels of METTL3 and BMP2 in femoral tissues were measured. (G) The protein levels of RUNX2, COL1A1, OCN and OPN were analyzed with Western blotting. N = 6 in sham group, and N = 8 in OVX, OVX+mimic-NC, and OVX+mimic-piR-36741 groups. *P < 0.05. Each test was independently repeated at least three times.