Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 19 pp 23376—23392

Potentiated lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD) cell growth, migration and invasion by lncRNA DARS-AS1 via miR-188-5p/ KLF12 axis


Figure 1. LncRNA DARS-AS1 was highly expressed in LUAD tissues and cell lines. (A) The top 50 differential expression lncRNA of LUAD identified by a bioinformatics screen in the TCGA database. (B) Expression of lncRNA DARS-AS1 was higher than usual in LUAD tissues from the TCGA database. (C) Higher expression of DARS-AS1 was identified in 50 LUAD tissues compared to normal tissues (p < 0.001). (D) Higher expression of DARS-AS1 was identified in LUAD cell lines compared to the HBE cell line (p < 0.01). (E) High expression of DARS-AS1 in LUAD patients was associated with a poor prognosis (Log-Rank: p = 0.03).