Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 19 pp 23376—23392

Potentiated lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD) cell growth, migration and invasion by lncRNA DARS-AS1 via miR-188-5p/ KLF12 axis


Figure 6. Inhibition of miR-188-5p altered the suppression of A549 cell progression mediated by si-DARS-AS1. (A) Three groups were transfected with si-DARS-AS1, si-DARS-AS1+miR-188-5p inhibitor, and si-NC in the A549 cell line. The cell proliferative capacity of the three groups was measured using the (B) CCK-8, (C) BrdU, and (D) colony formation assays (*p < 0.05). (E) Inhibition of miR-188-5p resulted in a significant reduction in the apoptosis ratio (upper right quadrant+lower right quadrant). The transwell chamber results showed that inhibition of miR-188-5p significantly facilitated cell migration (F) p < 0.01 and invasion (G) p < 0.01, which were suppressed by si-DARS-AS1.