Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 20 pp 23726—23738

Exosome long non-coding RNA SOX2-OT contributes to ovarian cancer malignant progression by miR-181b-5p/SCD1 signaling


Figure 1. The expression of SOX2-OT is enhanced in the plasma exosome of ovarian cancer patients. (A) The lncRNA profiling was performed in the exosomes from ovarian cancer patients (n = 5) and normal controls (n = 5). (B) The expression of SOX2-OT was tested by qPCR in the plasma exosome from ovarian cancer patients (n = 55). (C) The expression of SOX2-OT was analyzed by qPCR in the ovarian cancer patients (n = 55) and the adjacent normal tissues (n = 55).