Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 20 pp 23831—23841

CircFAM120B knockdown inhibits osteosarcoma tumorigenesis via the miR-1205/PTBP1 axis


Figure 1. Aberrant circFAM120B up-regulation in OS. (A) CircFAM120B schematic. (B) Relative circFAM120B levels in OS tissues. (C, D) Elevated circFAM120B levels were associated with OS advanced TNM stage and metastasis. (E) Relative circFAM120B levels in (H) CircFAM120B localized mainly to the cytoplasm of OS cells lines. (F) circFAM120B mRNA exhibited higher resistance to RNase R digestion. (G) CircFAM120B localized to the cytoplasm of OS cells. *P < 0.05.