Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 20 pp 23831—23841

CircFAM120B knockdown inhibits osteosarcoma tumorigenesis via the miR-1205/PTBP1 axis


Figure 4. Interactions between circFAM120B and miR-1205. (A) Schematic of overlapping target miRNAs for circFAM120B. (B) Genes, miRNAs, and circFAM120B regulatory network. (C, D) Relative expression levels of four miRNA candidates in OS cells lysates were detected by qRT-PCR. (E) Binding site predictions between circFAM120B and miR-1205. (FH) Molecular interactions between circFAM120B and miR-1205 were explored by luciferase reporter assays and RIP assay. *P < 0.05.