Editorial Volume 13, Issue 20 pp 23440—23441

Scaffolding proteins in pediatric glioma


Figure 1. EBP50 structure, localization and effect in DMG cell lines after Panobinostat treatment. (A) EBP50 protein structure with PDZ and Ezrin Binding (EB) domains and possible interactions. Phosphorylation sites are also annotated. (B) EBP50 localization in DMG cell line treated with 1 µM of Panobinostat. EBP50 protein (in green) is found in all cellular compartments but in majority in the cytoplasm and the nucleus. (C) Panobinostat is a HDAC inhibitor which induces apoptosis in DMG cell lines. An accumulation of EBP50 is also observed in the cytoplasm of treated cells. Combinatory treatment with an inhibitor of EBP50, RS5517, leads to enhanced cell death.