Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 24 pp 25799—25845

DNA methylation of ARHGAP30 is negatively associated with ARHGAP30 expression in lung adenocarcinoma, which reduces tumor immunity and is detrimental to patient survival


Figure 2. DNA methylation and the differential expression of ARHGAP30 between lung adenocarcinoma and normal tissues. (A) The abundance of the different exons of the ARHGAP30 gene shows an uneven balance in normal and tumor tissues in patients with lung adenocarcinoma according to the Wanderer database. (A1) Expression of ARHGAP30 in normal tissues (n = 58); (A2) Expression of ARHGAP30 in tumor tissues (n = 488); (A3) Comparison of the mean expression of ARHGAP30 between normal tissue and lung adenocarcinoma tissue. (A4, A5) The expression of ARHGAP30 correlated negatively with the level of DNA methylation. (B) Highly mutated genes and the expression of ARHGAP30 in the TCGAportal database. The value adjacent to the highly mutated gene is the permutation test p-value of gene expression between the driver mutated (red) and not-mutated (gray) samples. (C1, C2) Box plots of the mRNA expression of ARHGAP30 in lung adenocarcinoma before and after mutation of highly mutated genes (KEAP1, STK11) in the Linkedomics database. (D) Heat map of ARHGAP30 methylation in lung adenocarcinoma. (E1, E2) Kaplan–Meier plots of the survival of patients with lung adenocarcinoma with different ARHGAP30 DNA methylation levels (Different methylation probes cg07837534 and cg00045607 in the MethSurv database). (F) Gene expression and methylation of ARHGAP30 in samples of primary tumors and solid tissues analyzed at the TCGAportal database. Spearman T: Spearman correlation between expression and methylation in primary tumor samples. Spearman N: Spearman correlation between expression and methylation in solid tissue standard samples. Mean T: Mean value of the methylation beta-value in primary tumor samples. Mean N: Mean value of methylation in normal solid tissue samples.