Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 24 pp 26022—26033

LINC00839 knockdown restrains the metastatic behavior of nasopharyngeal carcinoma by sponging miR-454-3p


Figure 4. c-Met was a target gene for miR-454-3p. (A) The predicted miR-454-3p binding sites in the 3′-UTR of c-Met gene according to Targetscan. (B) Luciferase activity of wild-type (wt) or mutant (mut) c-Met 3′-UTR in SUNE-1 and C666-1 cells transfected with miR-454-3p mimic or miR-NC. **P < 0.01 compared with miR-NC group. (C) Western blot detected the effect of miR-454-3p and sh-LINC00839 on c-Met protein expression in SUNE-1 and C666-1 cells. (D) SUNE-1 and C666-1 cells were transfected with miR-454-3p or co-transfected with miR-454-3p and pc-LINC00839. The expression of c-Met was determined by western blot.