Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 24 pp 26161—26179

Coupling of serum CK20 and hyper-methylated CLIP4 as promising biomarker for colorectal cancer diagnosis: from bioinformatics screening to clinical validation


Figure 5. The expression of HPDL in tumor tissues and cancer cell lines and the methylation status of HPDL in CRC tissues. The mRNA expression of HPDL in certain tumor tissues and CRC tissues was analyzed by GEPIA. The mRNA expression of HPDL in cancer cell lines was analyzed by CCLE. The relationship between the expression and promoter methylation level of HPDL in CRC tissues was analyzed by MEXPRESS. The red frame showed HPDL methylation status in CRC and normal tissues (Probes ID: cg13951491 and cg16593917). Abbreviations: COAD: colon adenocarcinoma; READ: rectum adenocarcinoma.