Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 1 pp 195—224

Endothelial and systemic upregulation of miR-34a-5p fine-tunes senescence in progeria


Figure 2. Senescence and SASP are detected in vivo in Prog-Tg mice. (A) qPCR analysis of depicted genes using RNA extracts from lung and heart tissues of Prog-Tg versus WT littermate mice (>25 weeks), n=5-7. (B) Representative immunofluorescence Z-stack projections from lung histological tissues sections of Prog-Tg and WT littermate mice at >25 weeks stained with anti-p19 antibodies and DAPI, Scale bar=20 μm. (C) Quantification of the percentage of p19-positive cells compared to DAPI-positive cells in lung tissues of Prog-Tg vs WT littermates on areas selected in a blinded manner (n=3). For qPCRs, a paired two-tailed Students t test was used and for statistic evaluation of histological staining a Mann-Whitney test. *p<0.05,**p<0.01, ****p<0.0001.