Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 1 pp 195—224

Endothelial and systemic upregulation of miR-34a-5p fine-tunes senescence in progeria


Figure 3. Pro-inflammatory effects in Prog-Tg mice. (A) ELISA was used to detect Ccl20 in cell culture supernatant samples of lung ECs and in plasma of ~30-week-old Prog-Tg and WT mice (n=3-4). (B) Representative immunofluorescence Z-stack projections of lung and liver sections from Prog-Tg and WT littermates (>25 weeks) stained with anti-PECAM and anti-CD3 antibodies and DAPI. (C) Quantification of CD3-positive cells in the vicinity of lung and liver vessels and in liver tissues counted in 10-15 independently selected areas in 4 pairs of Prog-Tg vs WT littermates. Scale bar=200 μm. For ELISA, an unpaired two-tailed Students t test was used. For statistic evaluation of histological stainings, a paired students two-tailed t test. *p<0.05, **p<0.01.