Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 1 pp 497—508

Circular RNA CUL2 regulates the development of colorectal cancer by modulating apoptosis and autophagy via miR-208a-3p/PPP6C


Figure 4. PPP6C is a target of miR-208a-3p. (A) Bioinformatics site (PITA, miRmap, PicTar, Targetscan) forecasted that PPP6C was downstream of miR-208a-3p. (B) The negative relationship between miR-208a-3p and PPP6C in Starbase 3.0. (C) The binding sites between PPP6C and miR-208a-3p (upper), luciferase assay report verified the relationship between PPP6C and miR-208a-3p (lower). n = 4. *P < 0.05. (D) The correlation analysis between PPP6C and miR-208a-3p in 30 paired CRC tissues. n = 30. *P < 0.05. (E) IHC staining was performed to detect the level of PPP6C in human CRC tumor tissue and adjacent normal tissues.