Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 1 pp 497—508

Circular RNA CUL2 regulates the development of colorectal cancer by modulating apoptosis and autophagy via miR-208a-3p/PPP6C


Figure 6. circCUL2 prevents tumor growth in vivo. (A) Tumors were removed from the mice 15 days after circCUL2, and NC-SW480 cells were treated, respectively n = 5. (BC) Tumor volume and weight were shown after the tumors were collected. n = 5, *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01. (D) The protein level of LC3, PPP6C, Cyt-c in tumor tissues. n = 5, *P < 0.05. (E) Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis showing autophagosome (arrowed) after treated with circCUL2. The autophagosome is shown by the red arrow.