Priority Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 1 pp 28—53

Reduced growth rate of aged muscle stem cells is associated with impaired mechanosensitivity


Figure 3. PFSS-induced NO production and MuSC detachment. (A) PFSS induced NO production in young and aged MuSCs. *Significant effect of PFSS, #Significantly different from static control, p < 0.05. Young MuSCs, n = 16–20 (from 4 young mice). Aged MuSCs, n = 14–17 (from 3 aged mice). (B) MuSCs stained for hyaluronic acid (glycocalyx component, green) and nuclei (blue). Top view (XY) and cross-sectional images (XZ, white dotted line) show that young and aged MuSCs expressed glycocalyx (white arrows). (C) Glycocalyx expression in young and aged MuSCs at day one and day three of culture. (D) Micrographs of MuSCs pre and post-PFSS treatment showed a decline in the number of aged MuSCs. Scale bar; 200 μm. (E) During 1 h PFSS (4.13 Pa/s), 43% of aged MuSCs detached from matrigel coated glass slides. Young MuSCs, n = 9 (from 3 young mice). Aged MuSCs, n = 12 (from 3 aged mice). Values are mean ± SEM. *p < 0.05. Abbreviations: MuSCs: muscle stem cells; PFSS: pulsating fluid shear stress. Fluores. intensity, fluorescence intensity. Scale bar; 20 μm.