Priority Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 1 pp 28—53

Reduced growth rate of aged muscle stem cells is associated with impaired mechanosensitivity


Figure 5. Aged MuSCs showed reduced Integrin-α7 expression. (A) Immunofluorescent images of young and aged MuSCs stained for Integrin-α7 (ITGA; cyan), F-actin filaments (yellow), and nuclei (blue) after 30 min of static and PFSS treatment. (B) ITGA7 fluorescent intensity was lower in static and PFSS-treated aged MuSCs compared to young cells. (C, D) Correlation between ITGA7 fluorescent intensity and number of pPXN clusters in young and aged MuSCs after static and PFSS. Young MuSCs, n = 63–74 cells (from 3 young mice). Aged MuSCs, n = 93–95 cells (from 3 aged mice). (EG) Aged MuSCs exhibited lower Itga7, Itga5, and Itgb5 gene expression than young MuSCs. Abbreviations: MuSCs: muscle stem cells; PFSS: pulsating fluid shear stress. Fluores. intensity, fluorescence intensity. Young MuSCs, n = 11 (from 4 young mice). Aged MuSCs, n = 9 (from 3 aged mice). Values are mean ± SEM. *Significant effect of age, p < 0.05. Scale bar; 10 μm.