Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 2 pp 943—960

The oncogenic role of treacle ribosome biogenesis factor 1 (TCOF1) in human tumors: a pan-cancer analysis


Figure 6. Pathway enrichment analysis of TCOF1. (A) Available experimentally determined TCOF1-binding proteins discovered using the STRING tool. (B) Correlation of TCOF1 expression with that of the top 5 related genes via GEPIA2 (DAZAP1, HNRNPAB, LYAR, TICRR/C15orf42, and PLK1). (C) The corresponding heatmap data of these top 5 genes in detailed cancer types. (D) DKC1, NOP56, and NOP58 are three common genes (proteins) of STRING-based TCOF1-binding proteins and GEPIA2-based TCOF1-correlated genes. (E) KEGG pathway analysis based on TCOF1-binding and -interacting genes. (F) The cnetplot of Molecular Function data in GO analysis.