Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 2 pp 989—1013

A novel pyroptosis-related signature predicts prognosis and response to treatment in breast carcinoma


Figure 2. LASSO regression identifies prognosis-related genes. (A) The adjustment parameter (lambda) in the LASSO model was selected for 10-fold cross-validation by the minimum criterion. Partial likelihood deviation curves were plotted against lambda. Dotted vertical lines were drawn at the optimal values by using the minimum criterion and 1 standard error of the minimum criterion (1-SE criterion). (B) LASSO coefficient profiles of the 55 pyroptosis-related genes. A coefficient profile plot was produced against the log (lambda) sequence. A vertical line was drawn at the value selected using 10-fold cross-validation, where the optimal lambda resulted in 15 nonzero coefficients. (C) Distribution of the LASSO coefficients of the 15 immune-related gene signatures. The horizontal coordinate indicates LASSO coefficients, genes with negative coefficients in this regression indicate prognostic protective genes (green marker), and positive numbers indicate poor prognostic genes (red marker).