Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 2 pp 678—707

Targeting regulation of ATP synthase 5 alpha/beta dimerization alleviates senescence


Figure 2. Identification of KB1541 interacting proteins. (A) Chemical structure of biotinylated KB1541. (B) Schematic diagram of immunoprecipitation workflow using biotinylated KB1541. (C) Ion Mobility Tandem Mass Spectrometer (IM-MS) identified 837 interacting proteins with biotinylated KB1541. Selected candidates - ATP synthase 5 alpha, ATP synthase 5 beta subunits and 14–3–3ζ protein are shown. -10 logP: -10 log (p-value), Coverage (%): a percentage of the total protein sequence covered by observed peptides, Avg. Mass (kDa): Average of protein molecular mass. (D) Co-precipitation of biotinylated KB1541 and Myc-tagged candidate proteins (Myc-tagged ATP synthase 5 alpha, Myc-tagged ATP synthase 5 beta subunits or Myc-tagged 14–3–3ζ proteins).