Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 2 pp 678—707

Targeting regulation of ATP synthase 5 alpha/beta dimerization alleviates senescence


Figure 6. Maintenance of 14–3–3ζ expression is a prerequisite for KB1541-mediated senescence alleviation. (A) Expression levels of 14–3–3ζ and ATP synthase 5 alpha/beta proteins in young and senescent fibroblasts. (B) shRNA-mediated 14–3–3ζ knockdown significantly reduced the endogenous expression level of 14–3–3ζ mRNA. **P < 0.01, student t-test. Mean ± S.D., n = 3. (C) Immunoblot of total lysates from senescent cells transduced with lenti-virus expressing control shRNA or 14–3–3ζ shRNA. (D) Quantification of SA-β gal positive cells. *P < 0.05, student t-test. Mean ± S.D., n = 3.