Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 3 pp 1157—1185

Improved impedance to maladaptation and enhanced VCAM-1 upregulation with resistance-type training in the long-lived Snell dwarf (Pit1dw/dw) mouse


Figure 1. Muscles of Snell dwarf mice were resistant to age-dependent maladaptation from frequent SSC training. Training consisted of a frequency of 3 days per week for 1 month. (A) Maximal isometric torque output decreased with training for 12-month-old control mice while no such training-induced decrease was observed for Snell dwarf mice. (B) Torque depression by the final session SSC was generally reduced with training as assessed relative to pre SSC value. (C) Isometric torque recovery in the minutes following the SSC session was evaluated by comparing the 5 minute post SSC value with the final SSC value of the session. This recovery was unaltered with training for Snell dwarf mice unlike the reduced torque increase observed for control mice. (D) The overall isometric torque depression which persisted to 5 minutes post SSC session was reduced for 3-month-old mice with training regardless of genotype. Sample sizes were N = 5 to 10 per group. Dots represent raw values. Lines denote means ± SD. Relevant ANOVA interactions and main effects are noted. *Different from non-trained value; Different from comparable 3-month-old value, Different from comparable control value, P < 0.05.