Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 3 pp 1157—1185

Improved impedance to maladaptation and enhanced VCAM-1 upregulation with resistance-type training in the long-lived Snell dwarf (Pit1dw/dw) mouse


Figure 3. Fiber type analysis demonstrated a 3 days per week training-induced redistribution of tissue to a slower phenotype exclusively for 3-month-old and 12-month-old Snell dwarf mice. Percent of tissue composed of each fiber type for (A) 3-month-old control mice, (B) 12-month-old control mice, (C) 3-month-old Snell dwarf mice, (D) and 12-month-old Snell dwarf mice. Sample sizes were N = 4 to 7 per group. Dots represent raw values. Lines denote means ± SD. Relevant ANOVA interactions are noted. *Different from comparable non-trained value, Different from comparable control value, P < 0.05. No differences observed between age groups within genotype.