Priority Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 3 pp 1068—1086

Senescence-associated tumor growth is promoted by 12-Lipoxygenase


Figure 3. Senostatic therapy with mTOR inhibition prevents IR-enhanced tumor growth. (A) Experimental schema: Ten week old C57Bl/6NCr mice (n = 10 per condition) were exposed to no irradiation (0 Gy) or 6Gyx5 thoracic IR. Immediately after IR, mice were treated with Rapamycin (1.5 mg/kg/day), INK-128 (1 mg/kg/day), or control chow for 8 weeks. Three days after drug discontinuation, 5 × 105 B16F0 cells were injected intravenously via the lateral tail vein. Lung tissue was collected 9 days later. (B) Coat color changes at 8 weeks after irradiation. (C) SA-β-Galactosidase positive cells were counted in lung tissue collected at 8 weeks post IR in mice that did not receive tumor injection. (D) Representative images and graph of lung tumor nodule counts. (E) Size of tumor foci in the lung, scale bar 80 μm, §: indicates p < 0.05 compared to 0 Gy, Vehicle. *: indicates p < 0.05 compared to 6Gyx5, Vehicle.