Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 4 pp 1729—1742

The elevation of miR-185-5p alleviates high-fat diet-induced atherosclerosis and lipid accumulation in vivo and in vitro via SREBP2 activation


Figure 1. MiR-185-5p was predicted as a candidate miRNA that affects atherosclerosis progression through regulating SREBP2. (A) Venn diagram of the overlap of the top 100 DGEs among GSE43292, GSE132651, and GSE28829 datasets; (B) a heat map depicting the top 100 DEGs from the GSE132651 dataset; (C) the expression of SREBP2 in atherosclerosis in the GSE132651 dataset (P<0.05); (D) the top 50 miRNAs predicted from four web-based resources and miR-185-5p exhibited the highest statistical score (P<0.05); (E) the sequence of miR-185-5p binding to SREBP2 predicted using the biological prediction online resource; (F, G) the enrichment processes of GO annotations and lipid metabolic process were enriched pathways in atherosclerosis; (H) miR-185-5P levels from human specimens were tested by Q-PCR; (I, J) GSEA enrichment analysis shows that it is enriched in lipid metabolic signaling pathway, (K) Results of KEGG pathway analysis showed all differential genes.