Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 4 pp 1729—1742

The elevation of miR-185-5p alleviates high-fat diet-induced atherosclerosis and lipid accumulation in vivo and in vitro via SREBP2 activation


Figure 4. MiR-185-5p inhibited SREBP2 activation and thus repressed lipid metabolism pathway. Macrophages were pretreated with ox-LDL stimulation. (A) Immunohistochemical staining of SREBP2 in miR-185-5p mimic group, inhibitor group, and negative control group; the positive expression rate of SREBP2. *P<0.05 in miR-185-5p mimic, inhibitor vs. NC groups. (B) Western blotting analysis of SREBP2, LDLR, and FAS in miR-185-5p NC group, miR-185-5p mimic group, or miR-185-5p inhibitor group. The SREBP2, LDLR, and FAS, SREBP1, SCD1, HMGCR protein levels were measured after co-transfection with miR-185-5p mimic, miR-185-5p NC, or miR-185-5p inhibitor, and SREBP2-OE Lentivirus in ox-LDL stimulated macrophages. Different data were presented as mean ± S.D. (*,P <0.05; **, P <0.01).