COVID-19 Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 4 pp 1597—1610

Elevated levels of serum CDCP1 in individuals recovering from severe COVID-19 disease


Figure 1. Graphs showing correlation between plasma and induced sputum levels of statistically significant biomarkers. Measurement of: (A) IL5; (B) IL10RA; (C) IL12B; (D) IL13; (E) IL17; (F) IL33; (G) MCP1; (H) MCP2; (I) CASP8; (J) SIRT2; (K) CXCL9; (L) CXCL11; (M) CCL19; (N) FGF23; (O) GDNF; (P) HGF; (Q) CD5; (R) STAM; (S) TNFRSF9; (T) NT3; (U) ADA. The continuous line indicates the correlation between the two variables.