Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 4 pp 1767—1781

The novel lncRNA GPC5-AS1 stabilizes GPC5 mRNA by competitively binding with miR-93/106a to suppress gastric cancer cell proliferation


Figure 2. Enforced expression of GPC5-AS1 attenuated tumor growth in vivo. (A) GPC5-AS1 expression was detected by qRT-PCR in SGC-7901 cells transfected with lenti-GPC5-AS1 compared with lenti-ctrl. (B) Tumor volume of xenograft tumors of mice inoculated with GPC5-AS1 stably expressing SGC-7901 cells was recorded once every three days. (C) Tumor images and (D) weight on the day mice euthanized were obtained and present. (EH) The anti-tumor ability of GPC5-AS1 was verified in BGC-823 cells transfected with lenti-GPC5-AS1. (n=5, p* < 0.05, p** < 0.01, p*** < 0.001).