Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 4 pp 1891—1909

Circular RNA circSHPRH inhibits the malignant behaviors of bladder cancer by regulating the miR-942/BARX2 pathway


Figure 6. miR-942 promotes the proliferation abilities of BCa cells by targeting BARX2. (A) Relative expression of BARX2 in T24 and UM-UC-3 cells transfected with vector or BARX2 plasmid. (B, C) BARX2 overexpression inhibited cell viability in T24 and UM-UC-3 cells, as shown by the MTS assay. (D, E) Overexpression of BARX2 partially abrogated the cell proliferation abilities induced by miR-942 overexpression.*P<0.05, **P<0.01.