Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 4 pp 1983—2003

Pseudogene AK4P1 promotes pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma progression through relieving miR-375-mediated YAP1 degradation


Figure 3. miR-375 as a potential binding miRNA of AK4P1 in PDAC. (A) The cellular location of AK4P1 is predicted by lncLocator. (B) Establishment of the potential AK4P1-miRNA regulatory network in PDAC, the red letter represents P-value less than 0.05. (C) Potential binding map between miR-375 and AK4P1. (D) The correlation of miR-375 and AK4P1 expression in PDAC. (E) Heatmap of miR-375 in PDAC tissues compared to normal pancreas tissues was assessed using microarrays data from GEO databases. (F) Expression of miR-375 in PDAC cell lines and normal pancreas cell lines. (G) Expression of miR-375 in 48 paired PDAC and their adjacent non-cancerous tissues. (H) The prognostic value (OS) of miR-375 expression in PDAC was assessed by TCGA databases.