Priority Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 5 pp 2025—2046

Depletion of transmembrane mucin 4 (Muc4) alters intestinal homeostasis in a genetically engineered mouse model of colorectal cancer


Figure 2. Muc4 deletion drives colorectal tumors with high-grade dysplasia and goblet cell dysfunction. (A) Representative images of AC and AMC animals had typical rectal bleeding. (B, C) Muc4-/- mice in the AMC group showed an increase in the number of macroscopic polyps in the colon and rectal region. n =4-5 per group. (D) H&E staining of AMC animals had a higher grade of dysplasia. n = 6-8 per group. (E) Representative images of double staining of Alcian blue and PAS. n = 6 (AC and AMC) and n=3 for normal group. Red arrowhead indicates loss of mucins expression in the goblet cells in AMC mice. *p < 0.05, ***p < 0.001.