Priority Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 5 pp 2025—2046

Depletion of transmembrane mucin 4 (Muc4) alters intestinal homeostasis in a genetically engineered mouse model of colorectal cancer


Figure 3. Absence of Muc4 alters other mucins expression. (A) Immunohistochemistry staining of Ki67 in the colon of normal, AC, and AMC mice. Red arrowhead indicates Ki67 staining restricts to crypts in normal animals, whereas AMC mice showed higher cell proliferation (more Ki-67 staining), which might be attributable to colonic crypt hyperplasia. (B) Staining of Muc4 was observed in normal, AC mice, whereas the complete absence of Muc4 expression in AMC animals was performed by in-situ hybridization. (C) Immunohistochemistry staining of Muc2 (Black arrowhead: positive staining and Red arrowhead: absence of staining in the tumors). n = 6 (AC and AMC) and n=3 for normal group.