Priority Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 5 pp 2025—2046

Depletion of transmembrane mucin 4 (Muc4) alters intestinal homeostasis in a genetically engineered mouse model of colorectal cancer


Figure 7. Additional Kras mutation aggravates Apc tumors and reduces survival. (A) Breeding strategy for generation of genetically engineered mice model for Muc4-/- by crossing with Apcflox/flox and KrasG12D mutant mice. First-generation of Apc-/-;Muc4-/-;KrasG12D/+ animals were further crossed with inducible colon specific Cre (Cdx2P-Cre ERT2) mice to get final cross (Apc-/-;Muc4-/-; KrasG12D/+;Cdx2P-CreERT2, AKMC) and its littermate controls (Apc-/-;KrasG12D/+;Cdx2P-CreERT2, AKC). (B) Representative images of the colon in AKC and AKMC animals. (C) H&E images showed a grade of dysplasia in AKC and AKMC mice. n = 3 for AKC and n=6 for AKMC group. (D) Overall survival curves of different mouse models used in the present study. ns = non-significant.