Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 5 pp 2174—2193

Increased DNA methylation, cellular senescence and premature epigenetic aging in guinea pigs and humans with tuberculosis


Figure 4. DNA methylation and cellular senescence genes are increased and correlated in TB. A summed z-score for gene expression from each patient was assessed for pathways including DNA methylation (A), SASP (B), and OSIS (C), with all three studies demonstrating increased summed z-scores in TB patients (red box plot) as compared to controls (blue box plot). P-values from a Wilcoxon rank sum test are indicated by asterisks. (D) DNA methylation correlated with senescence pathways using Pearson correlation for GSE42834, GSE37250, and GSE39940 respectively. Abbreviations: SASP: Senescence-associated secretory phenotype; OSIS: Oxidative stress-induced senescence.