Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 5 pp 2335—2347

Decrease in ovarian reserve through the inhibition of SIRT1-mediated oxidative phosphorylation


Figure 2. 40 mg/kg 3-NPA significantly induced manifestations similar to those of POI. (A) 40 mg/kg 3-NPA could prolong the mean length of the diestrus phase and decrease the mean length of the estrous phase after three weeks of treatment. (B) 40 mg/kg 3-NPA could decrease the number of primordial follicles and increase that of atretic follicles. (CF) 40mg/kg 3-NPA decreased the ovarian index (C), increased serum FSH levels (D), decreased serum E2 levels (E), decreased serum AMH levels (F), and decreased mouse fertility (G). (H) Although the 40 mg/kg 3-NPA group had fewer pups, the difference was not significant. (I, J) The offspring of the mice treated with 40 mg/kg 3-NPA showed lower weight than the control group (N=8 in all assays; *P<0.05, **P<0.01).