Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 6 pp 2748—2757

Ischemic postconditioning protects nonculprit coronary arteries against ischemia-reperfusion injury via downregulating miR-92a, miR-328 and miR-494


Figure 1. IP protected nonculprit coronary arteries against IR injury. (A) H&E staining assay was conducted to observe the morphology of nonculprit coronary arterial tissues. (B) TUNEL and DAPI staining assay was performed to detect the apoptosis of nonculprit coronary arterial tissues. (CF) Western blot assay was used to detect the expressions of AT1, Cx43 and β-tubulin. *P<0.01, **P<0.01 compared with the sham group; #P<0.01, ##P<0.01 compared with the IR group. IP, ischemic postconditioning; IR, ischemia-reperfusion.