Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 12 pp 4935—4958

Optimizing future well-being with artificial intelligence: self-organizing maps (SOMs) for the identification of islands of emotional stability


Figure 1. We have created the backbone of an AI-assisted recommendation engine to improve current and future psychological well-being based on self-organizing maps (SOMs). A person seeking self-improvement fills in a psychological test and is placed on a 2D representation of the multidimensional space containing all possible psychotypes. The map consists of regions associated with high (green) and low (red) well-being, which may be considered “mountains” and “pits”. Distance metrics defined within a SOM allow finding the shortest path between a person’s starting point and the point that maximizes their well-being. One’s journey across the SOM may be interpreted as a chain of incremental changes leading to higher well-being. The SOM offers non-trivial, personalized paths towards improved well-being that can be followed and tracked within a self-help app or during therapy sessions.