Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 12 pp 4976—4989

Differential impact of glycemic control and comorbid conditions on the neurophysiology underlying task switching in older adults with type 2 diabetes


Figure 3. Neural switch costs differ by comorbidity status. Left: Significant group effects on neural switch costs were found in both time bins of high gamma, including the left cerebellum, left inferior (not shown) and superior frontal regions and the right parietal cortex in the early high gamma window, and left precentral, left occipital, left cerebellum, and right parieto-occipital regions in late high gamma activity. Right: Greater neural switch costs in early bin parietal alpha activity were found in type 2 diabetes patients with additional comorbidities, relative to those without comorbidities. These effects show the impact of comorbidities on neural switch costs across the spectrum. Images are thresholded from p < 0.01 to p < 0.001, with a minimum cluster size of 20 4 mm3 voxels.