Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 12 pp 5177—5194

LncRNA PEG11as silencing sponges miR-874-3p to alleviate cerebral ischemia stroke via regulating autophagy in vivo and in vitro


Figure 4. PEG11as bound to miR-874-3p and reduced miR-874-3p expression. (A) Predicted binding miRNAs of PEG11as derived from 3 databases. (B) Binding sites between PEG11as and miR-874-3p predicted in the web-based bioinformatic software. (C) N2a cells were transfected with miR-874-3p mimic or miR-874-3p inhibitor and their mimic-NC or inhibitor-NC. After 48 h, RT-PCR was utilized to detect the miR-874-3p expression. n = 3 in each group. (D, E) The luciferase reporter vector carrying PEG11as-WT (D) or PEG11as-MUT (E) was co-transfected with NC mimic or miR-874-3p mimic or NC inhibitor or miR-874-3p inhibitor. 48 hours later, the relative luciferase activity was measured. n = 3 in each group. (F, G) miR-874-3p expression in the mouse brains treated by MCAO/R (F) or in N2a cells treated by OGD/R (G). n = 6 (in vivo) or n = 3 (in vitro). (H) The negative correlation between the expression levels of PEG11as and miR-874-3p by performing qRT-PCR in the mouse brains treated by MCAO/R. One-way ANOVA followed by the Tukey’s post-hoc-test was used, data are shown as mean ± SD. Data are statistically different from each other with *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, and ***P < 0.001. Abbreviation: ns: no statistically different vs. IS/R group.