Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 12 pp 5233—5249

Identification of m7G-associated lncRNA prognostic signature for predicting the immune status in cutaneous melanoma


Figure 4. Associations between risk signature and clinicopathological factors. Risk score distribution (A), survival status (B), PCA plot (C), and t-SNE (D) analysis of TCGA-CM cohort. (E) Survival curve of CM patients. TimeROC (F) and ClinicalROC (G) curves to forecast overall survival of patients. Univariate (H) and multivariate Cox (I) regression of clinicopathological features in TCGA-CM cohort. Correlations between risk scores and T stage (J) and metastatic capacity (K). (L) The heatmap of clinicopathological features and hub lncRNAs expression in two risk subgroups.