Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 18 pp 7378—7389

Fasudil inhibits hepatic artery spasm by repressing the YAP/ERK/ ETA/ETB signaling pathway via inhibiting ROCK activation


Figure 1. Fasudil relieved HA spasm in vivo. Fasudil or physiological saline was injected into the left medial lobe of the liver using a 16G lumbar puncture needle through the laparotomic route. (A) The celiac artery angiogram revealed that the animal models of HA spasm were successfully established. (B) The aortography demonstrated that there was a small spastic segment of the artery in Fasudil group. The quantitative analysis showed that Fasudil infusion reduced the duration from inducing to relieving spasm. P<0.05: Fasudil group vs. Model group.