Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 18 pp 7282—7299

Impact of cytotoxic agents or apoptosis stimulants on αklotho in MDCK, NRK-52E and HK2 kidney cells


Figure 8. Selective PPARγ antagonist SR-202 blunts cisplatin-dependent αklotho gene expression in MDCK cells. Arithmetic mean ± SEM of αklotho transcripts relative to TBP in MDCK cells treated with 3 μM cisplatin or vehicle control in the absence (left bars) or presence (right bars) of 200 μM PPARγ antagonist SR-202 for 24 h (n = 8, repeated measures ANOVA followed by Dunnett post hoc test). **p < 0.01 indicates significant difference from vehicle control (1st bar vs. 2nd bar), #indicates significant difference from the absence of PPARγ inhibitor SR-202 (2nd bar vs. 4th bar); Abbreviations: a. u.: arbitrary units; ctr: control.