Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 17 pp 6859—6886

Extracellular microRNA and cognitive function in a prospective cohort of older men: The Veterans Affairs Normative Aging Study


Figure 1. Flow diagram depicting eligible and non-eligible Normative Aging Study (NAS) participants. N = 530 subjects (red box) were included in the analysis of MMSE trajectory. N = 457 of these subjects (blue box) had MMSE assessed at the same visit as the plasma miRNA measure and were included in an additional cross-sectional analysis. Abbreviations: MMSE: Mini-Mental State Examination; MET: Metabolic equivalent of task, measured in hours/week. One MET is defined as the energy expenditure for sitting quietly, which, for the average adult, approximates 3.5 mL of oxygen uptake per kilogram of body weight per minute (1.2 kcal/min for a 70-kg individual).