Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 17 pp 7038—7051

The downregulated drug-metabolism related ALDH6A1 serves as predictor for prognosis and therapeutic immune response in gastric cancer


Figure 3. ALDH6A1 expression was lower in GC group than in normal group. (A, B) The expression levels of ALDH6A1 were lower in gastric cancer tissues when compared to normal gastric tissues. (C, D) Both the GEPIA2.0 platform and the TCGA platform showing ALDH6A1 expression was diminished in GC group. (E, F) The TNMplot platform has conveyed that ALDH6A1 expression decreased in GC group from RNA-seq data and gene chip data. (G) IHC analysis showed the ALDH6A1 expression was downregulated in GC tissues.