Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 20 pp 8167—8178

Downregulation of senescence-associated secretory phenotype by knockdown of secreted frizzled-related protein 4 contributes to the prevention of skin aging


Figure 3. Effect of SFRP4 siRNA knockdown on senescent cells. (A) RT-PCR analysis of SASP gene expression. GAPDH was used as the housekeeping gene. (B) ELISA for protein expression of IL6 and IL8. (C) Western blotting analysis to confirm SFRP4 knockdown and its effect on senescence. SFRP4 knockdown induced decreased expression of SASP factors and senescence-related proteins. (D) Increased BrdU absorption after SFRP4 siRNA transfection. Knockdown of SFRP4 resulted in the restoration of proliferative capacity. *; P < 0.05. Mann–Whitney U test was used to analyze differences between two groups. All experiments were performed in triplicate.