Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 18 pp 7416—7442

MND1 functions as a potential prognostic biomarker associated with cell cycle and immune infiltration in kidney renal clear cell carcinoma


Figure 4. Genes differentially expressed in correlation with MND1 and enriched GO annotations, KEGG pathways of MND1 correlated genes in KIRC. (A) Pearson test was used to analyze association between MND1 and genes differently expressed in KIRC, red indicates positively correlated genes and green indicates negatively correlated genes. (B, C) The genes positively and negatively relative to MND1 in KIRC were showed by heat maps. (D), Enriched GO annotations of MND1 correlated genes in KIRC, including biological processes (BP), molecular function (MF), and cell component (CC) (P<0.05). (E) Significant KEGG pathways most associated with MND1.