Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 20 pp 8179—8204

Crosstalk between age accumulated DNA-damage and the SIRT1-AKT-GSK3ß axis in urine derived renal progenitor cells


Figure 5. DNA damage induces an aging phenotype by downregulation of SIRT1. Cell culture medium of UdRPCs was supplemented with 1μM of resveratrol and or 30 μg/ml of bleomycin for 24h. Phosphorylation of H2A.X was monitored by immunofluorescence-based expression analysis (A) (scale bars: 100 μm). mRNA expression of SIRT1, ATM, P16 and SIX2 was determined by quantitative real time PCR (B). Relative protein expression normalized to ß-ACTIN for SIRT1, AKT and GSK3ß and relative protein phosphorylation for AKT, GSK3β and pH2A.X was detected by Western blotting (C).