Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 23 pp 9579—9598

MAGE-A3 regulates tumor stemness in gastric cancer through the PI3K/AKT pathway


Figure 11. Validation of MAGE-A3’s regulation of tumor stemness and proliferative capacity in vitro. (A) Application of QPCR to compare MAGE-A3 and GRB14 mRNA expression in tumour cells and normal epithelial cells. (B) The expression of MAGE-A3 in cancer and adjacent tissues was detected by QPCR. (C) Relationship between the expression of CD44 and EpCAM and the expression of MAGE-A3. (D, E) Validation of protein expression levels of cancer stem cell biomarkers by western blot and immunofluorescence. (F, G) The effect of knocking down MAGE-A3 on cell proliferation ability was examined by CCK-8, EDU. (*P< 0.05; **P< 0.01; ***P< 0.001;****P< 0.0001).