Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 2 pp 308—352

Body weight influences musculoskeletal adaptation to long-term voluntary wheel running during aging in female mice


Figure 11. Long-term voluntary wheel running altered femoral mechanical properties in 18 mo LBW, but not HBW mice. 6 mo endurance exercise altered femur mechanical property to be more ductile in 18 mo LBW/VWR, but not HBW/VWR mice. (A) Elastic WTF, (B) Plastic WTC, (C) Total WTF, (D) Elastic displacement, (E) Post yield displacement. *: p < 0.05, VWR vs. CTRL mice. Abbreviations: CTRL: control group; VWR: voluntary wheel running group; CBW: Combined groups (n = 8 CTRL, n = 9 VWR); LBW: Low body weight group (n = 4 CTRL, n = 4 VWR); HBW: High body weight group (18 mo: n = 4 CTRL, n = 5 VWR); WTF: work to failure.