Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 4 pp 1025—1038

Circ_0001052 promotes cardiac hypertrophy via elevating Hipk3


Figure 2. Hipk3 was positively regulated by circ_0001052 and exerted pro-hypertrophic functions. (A) The levels of circ_0001052 and Hipk3. (B) The circular characteristics of circ_0001052 verified by Agarose gel electrophoresis (AGE). (C) The mRNA levels of Hipk3 when circ_0001052 was inhibited. (D) The overexpression efficiency of circ_0001052 and the influence of up-regulated circ_0001052 on Hipk3 expression. (E) Depletion efficiency of Hipk3. (F) Cell surface area under Hipk3 depletion was detected by IF staining assay. (G and H) Influence of silenced Hipk3 on the expression of hypertrophic markers. **P < 0.01. Abbreviation: n.s: no significance.