Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 4 pp 1025—1038

Circ_0001052 promotes cardiac hypertrophy via elevating Hipk3


Figure 5. Circ_0001052 recruited Srsf1 to stabilize Hipk3. (A) RNA pull down assay, mass spectrometry and western blot analyses revealed Srsf1 as the RBP for circ_0001052. (B) Depletion efficiency of Srsf1 in Ang-II induced CMs. (C) The expression of Hipk3 with Srsf1 depletion. (D) RIP assay followed by AGE revealed the enrichment of Hipk3 and circ_0001052 in anti-IgG or anti-Srsf1 group. (E) Influence of silenced circ_0001052 on Srsf1 expression. (F) The impact of silenced Srsf1 on circ_0001052 expression. (G) RIP assay revealed the enrichment of Hipk3 pulled down by anti-Srsf1 when circ_0001052 was silenced. (H) The mRNA level of Hipk3 under ActD treatment when circ_0001052 or Srsf1 was silenced. **P < 0.01. Abbreviation: n.s: no significance.